Easy Sparkle-Smoke (plus option for a Glossy Sparkle-Smoke Look!)

This is a straightforward smoky look that’s very simple but quite pretty because of a duochrome magenta sparkle. It should work for any eye shape.

Of course, the gloss is totally optional, but if you want to try it, I’ve got a simple tip later on for getting the maximum sparkle and gloss to show up on the lids.


Tip: Don’t worry about being too neat and precise, but make sure the edges are blended out so there is no hard solid line.


Product: I used a loose shadow from I Nuovi cosmetics called Rosequartz. Any soft pale pink would work. It’s up to you whether to use something satiny (like I did) or sparkly.

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No issue in America is more intractable than abortion. Or is it? A conversation with long-time reproductive rights activist Frances Kissling and Christian ethicist David Gushee that doesn’t begin or end in the predictable places.

"Abortion very late in pregnancy, abortion of disabled fetuses, these to me are very, very complicated questions. Even though I don’t think fetuses have an absolute right to life, I think fetuses have value. And I don’t think you can make the fetus invisible."

Frances Kissling, long-time reproductive rights activist and former head of Catholics for Choice, during her public dialogue with Christian ethicist David Gushee (via beingblog)

"A concern I have about my own side is, what the main activists in the pro-life or anti-abortion community want is an overturn of Roe vs. Wade. I am not at all convinced that if that were to actually happen that they would like the world that they would see on the other side."

David Gushee, a Christian ethicist and professor at Mercer College, during his public dialogue with Frances Kissling, a long-time reproductive rights activist and former head of Catholics for Choice (via beingblog)

Ya know what?


He is amazing and I hate myself for doubting him so much.